Whether it’s an annual tradition or a long overdue catch up with your best friends, a spa day is no doubt the blissful recharge you’ve been craving.

We combed through our city guides and pulled out a few tried-and-true favourites to turn down the dial, plus added a few new spots our beauty editors have been testing out.

Each of these offers a little something for everyone in terms of facials, massages, and steam rooms for afternoon-long idylls

You can’t go wrong here… sauna’s, steam rooms, relaxation rooms, outdoor fire pits, hot tubs… Probably one of the only places I’m able to spend more than 3 hours at without losing my patience

For an extraordinary massage, see Justin. I’m not sure what his technique is but I always leave someone-what baffled at how rejuvenated I feel after his massages???

Here I suggest starting in the hot tub, then moving to the steam rooms, then head to the dry heated relax rooms (to dry off), then have a bite to eat, then head to your service.

If you still have time, go for round two

I like that they have a ‘silence policy’ but the only draw back is hot tubbing is for chatting. (wish they could slightly alter the policy in certain area’s)

It might not be as glamorous as Thermea, but Riverstone Spa lacks in ‘extra’s’, they make up for in quality services.

I cannot rave passionately enough about their signature pedicures!

Twice, I’ve fallen asleep and jerked my foot upon awaking sending my poor aesthetician flying towards the ceiling

Their zero gravity chairs, paraffim wax and puffy blankets will melt any hockey mom stress away. Yes, even goalie mom stress!

Make sure you leave time for a multi head shower! I don’t know that fancy words to describe these showers but all angles are being rinsed at once never leaving any area untouched

End your day at one of my top 5 restaurants in WPG, SMITH. A bottle of bubbly, pounded cheese, and their burger are musts for me

Urban Oasis Mineral Spa is located inside the Clarion Hotel

The reason I recommend this spa is because they can fit me in almost any day

I like the added bonuses of the large mineral pool and a prepackaged snack box

It’s pretty simple but my services have always been good and it’s accommodating to larger groups


Speaking of larger groups,

Ten Spa is my #1 place to go with a group of friends.

We all book the Intro to Hamam and let their therapists wash away any our woes

If you have not tried the Hamam yet, do. Yes, basically it sounds like someone is just bathing you with cups of water, but you don’t know what you’re missing

After that we head to our services and meet back in the common are where bottles of chilled bubblies are waiting for us

Here we can chat away while snacking on Naan bread, cucumbers, and homemade muffins

Tap any of the above logo’s to be directed to their websites and book yourself the blissful recharge you’ve been craving