This week, in Winnipeg, we’re celebrating Fried Chicken Fest
I know that deep fried, battered, saucy chicken, is not for everyone, but for those who love it, this week’s “Fried Chicken Fest” is a great excuse to indulge!
Here are a few on my favourites, On and Off the list


Merchant Kitchen Korean Fried Chicken



This is one of my husband’s favourite which says a lot seeing he comes from a restaurant upbringing. He’s even asked me to pick some up on my way home…
(wish I had a pic but there’s not time for food pics when eating with Larry)
Merchant is one of our go-to date night destinations, 
but it’s also a favorite Jet’s pre game venue with my bf


Their go-to this week is a Fried Chicken Bowl which features Korean-fried chicken thigh, whipped yuca, truffle cheddar, serrano chile hollandaise, boar belly, pickled red onion

Brazen Hall

This is the “Nashville Hot Chicken” dish, and I’ve gone back twice since having it
(It’s served on their dinner menu but I’ve convinced them to make it at lunch YUM)
Brazen is awesome with a group, and I have to say, their cocktails are fantastic, which clinches this as a definite must try destination

Clementine Cafe

While they are not on the “Fried Chicken Fest” list, Clementine makes a killer 
Fried Chicken on Toast
(once again, didn’t get the shot before my hun started sampling)
This down-the-stairs cafe has a small but powerful menu and I’d recommend it as a 
Sunday brunch destination
(don’t let the uniqueness of the menu intimidate you! everything is amazing)
OK OK, I Know You Might Not Like This Next One, but…


If you can’t get to an amazing local restaurant this weekend, or stuck heading from hockey arena to birthday party to who-knows-what, this is my last resort to getting your 
Fried Chicken Fix
I’ve abandoned KFC and have embraced the Jollibee phenomenon 
Not sure how the chicken turns out juicy and not greasy, but they serve their food hot and full of flavour.  
I don’t love fast food and have never endorse it, but I can see how Jollibee is the #1 fast food chain in the Philippines.
I’d say if you’re on a cash budget or in a time crunch, it’s worth a try
Plans Tonight
Tonight my man and I are joining our friends to try one more Fried Chicken Destination and we’re choose between..
Promenade Cafe for there Confit Chicken n’ Waffles
(Slow-cooked in duck confit then fried, placed on two in-house Belgian waffles with gremolata, matchstick potatoes, and maple syrup)
ERA Bistro for their Crispy, jalapeno buttermilk fried chicken tossed in maple soy sauce and garnished with fried leeks, onions, and crepes
Any suggestions???? 
Keep in mind, I could be convinced to head to the Tallest Poppy for Sunday Brunch to try the Bernice, which is fried chicken on a blue cheese biscuit with bacon garlic sauce and apple celery slaw.
Now that I can’t thinking of anything else but food…anyone try “Poutine Fest” or “Perogy Fest”???