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candie&dolls sole purpose is to create a united environment for locally owned businesses to come together, promote one another and encourage each other while our banding, marketing and networking team streamline each businesses needs

We are not a “marketing company” but a community of like-minded entrepreneurs working together to encourage local support and inspire national growth

Through email marketing, list building, sales incentives, and co-promotions, we capture the hearts of our valued clients, and through our website, client bios and social media, we reach unlimited potential in the national market

candie&dolls creates connection between business to business as well as business to client by promoting an honest approach of servanthood

This focus and passion for unity is what encourages loyalty, support and success

We would love to serve  you


If you have a great product, new and fresh creations, amazing goodies or quality goods, we’d love to hear from you! ♥

If we love it, we share it! 

Our service is complimentary so this means FREE exposure for you

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